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"What is more enlightened"

25 Janvier 2009 , Rédigé par CC Publié dans #Otium cum dignitate

Une remarque très juste que je trouve dans les commentaires sur you Tube sous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=599AzvrUqo0 et qui me fait penser aux lignes d'Octave Mirbeau sur le massacre de la famille royale de Ceylan par les anglais :

Actually, only Caesarion was executed.Out of the rest of Cleopatra's children, Caesarion was a threat because not only does he bear Caesar's name, but also stands in the way of legit rule as son of Caesar. the rest of Cleo's children were cared for and raised by Octavia. Cleopatra Selene herself became a royal queen. Seriously, imagine if they existed during the 19th c. english rule. None of them would stand a chance. Comes to show what is more enlightened, the romans or the english. 

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