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Le défilé de mode nu de Robyn Coles à Londres

23 Février 2012 , Rédigé par CC Publié dans #Nudité-Pudeur en Europe

1couv_nudite.jpgLes grands médias hier ont beaucoup parlé du défilé de chapeaux organisé par la jeune (31 ans) créatrice galloise inconnue Robyn Coles mardi dernier à la London Fashion, présentant des hommes et des femmes de tous âges (y compris une femme enceinte) nus, sur un mode plus "démocratique" en quelque sorte que le défilé nu des modèles dans le film Prêt-à-porter de Robert Altman (à rapprocher du même genre de défilé en décembre 2010 de Charlie Le Mindu mais avec chaussures et des corps plus conventionnels).


Je ne livrerai ici que le commentaire d'une des participantes sur son blog, la modèle italienne Alex B, posté sous le titre "Nude, pregnant and on the runaway".


"As I mentioned in my earlier post, on Tuesday I modelled for Robyn Coles Millinery as part of London Fashion Week. Robyn chose unconventional models, who would walk naked on the runway, wearing only her hats - most of the models were art models, such as myself . One of the models was Sophia Cahill, former Miss Wales and a glamour model, heavily pregnant with her second child.


The show certainly made people take notice. Nudity is always news , even more so if one of the nude models is pregnant.

Robyn admitted she did it to attract attention to the hats. We got our photos splashed on the web and in all papers within hours.  Some people were sarcastic, some people applauded Robyn. I did not expect to see my self in the Metro yesterday morning, I was sitting on a train and someone was reading about it and my picture was there. It felt weird, but he could not possibly recognise me so I did not say or do anything.


But the most surprising reaction was from an Italian fashion blog  with a post that was vitriolic and so very bigoted, it made me feel ashamed of being Italian. I will not translate it in full but it was a gratuitous attack on nudity. Pregnancy was viewed as if it were an illness, as if pregnant women's bodies were horrendous. It just made little sense to me. Robyn, by the way,  was mistaken for a man - it shows the bloggers had done little research.

I think Sophia was beautiful and I am really glad her picture can be seen everywhere. She looked radiant on the catwalk.


As for me, fifty plus with grey hair to my waist, my inspiration is the beautiful Yasmina Rossi who at 55 sports similar hair - and who has also posed nude. I feel good about my body and about myself and I love Robyn's hats. This was the reason why I accepted to be in her show.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with nudity, it is time we should really question these anti-nudity attitudes. The nude has a great tradition in art. The rounded belly, inspired by pregnancy, was regarded as a sign of beauty by Renaissance artists.  I would have thought these Italian bloggers would have some knowledge of such matters, coming as they do from a country that is steeped in  art.

But hold on, the "Berlusconi generation" is rather bigoted and to my great chagrin, incredibly ignorant..."


Ce billet répondait à celui d'une certaine "Anna" (présentée comme une jeune blogueuse intéressée par la mode) qui trouvait notamment "à la limite du mauvais goût" la présence de la femme enceinte nue (Sophia Cahill, ex-Miss Pays de Galles). Le billet de cette "Anna" est d'ailleurs intéressant car il estime que le défilé porte atteinte à la dignité de l'ensemble des modèles, et pose le jugement selon lequel un défilé n'est pas la même chose qu'une photo.




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